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In the summer of 2003 my Dad got me an acoustic guitar we could play on.    I strummed it with my fingers really hard.  On Christmas I got my first very own guitar I could play, which I still use now.
I used to play with an acoustic guitar that I got for Christmas.  In Oct. 2004 I stopped doing guitar because it started to hurt my fingers real bad.  I was looking for an instrument that I could play.  Then I saw Drums I got interested.  They sound good, look cool, look easy, and won’t hurt my fingers.Cathy Frost set up a gig for us at our school, Jay Partridge.  We had to play in front of over three hundred kids.  At lunch they asked us for lots of autographs.  We named the gig Pigeon Tour, because a Pigeon came in and landed on a basketball hoop in the multipurpose room.  I wore these big glasses that were safety glasses that my Mom had, in case my drum sticks came back and hit my face.
During the summer of 2005 we had a few gigs. We got a PA system. I got a new Amp. We practiced new songs, like songs I made up and songs that were already written.  I would listen to some music and some music videos that I got or have. One came for my birthday.  AC/DC, Weezer, Green Day and The White Stripes were great.  I would watch it and listen to my favorite songs.  An SG guitar was a great Christmas present.  I thought it was really cool, I felt like Angus Young.  I thought it was really awesome. 
The band has grown and we have too. We have another cool friend who saw us play and wanted to be a part of our band.  We like making friends and making music. We feel proud when we do a good job.  It is fun to work hard and practice and perform for kids like us.

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