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Sawyer ~ Drums

I like being in the band I look forward to Gigs and the Friday practices.

My favorite part about the practice is I get to dress anyway I want. I like to dress to the Hard Rock look. My favorite music is Rock and Metal. My favorite bands are AC/DC and Metallica. My favorite rock star is Phil Rudd who is the drummer of AC/DC. He drums really well and has the same drum set as me!

I like to listen to bands I like, and air drum. I lay out pictures of great drum sets and guitars, and play them in my mind. I like to do this all the time. Music is good because it’s a good experience for the brain and your life. If you practice, you get SO good at it. I like being good at music.

I like being with the band because it seems like we are all family. I like the Dukes of Hazzard, mostly the General Lee 1969 Dodge Charger. I like it because it’s an interesting thing to collect. I began collecting those in March, 2004. I like computers and like using the house building game I got for my birthday. My plans for the future are to get my hair really long, as long as my Mom’s! One day try growing a mustache. I would like play as many gigs as possible!